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If there you have any further questions not answered here, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to help! 

What is your turnaround time?

Once we have shot the property our standard turn around time for just photography is 24 hours. In a bit of a rush? Reach out, we always do our best to accomidate each realtors needs, as we understand the real estate indsutry moves fast!


What if it rains?

In the case on inclement weather we will work with you to reschedule, we will never force a rainy day shoot unless, you need it. In the case of an overcast day we can add blue skies, so if its not that perfect day, have no fear. We add beautiful blue skies so no one will know the difference!



What is your editing process?

North Roots Photo Co has one of the most in-depth editing processes for a in the industry. We have a process that entails over 16 steps per photo to guarantee quality and consistency.


What is a Matteport tour?

A Matterport Space is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D (RGB) imagery and 3D data from the Matterport Pro or Pro2 3D Camera. A Matterport Space can be navigated on a desktop or mobile web browser, and in virtual reality through a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream.


How long does a Matterport scan take?

On average, it takes about 38 minutes to scan a typical 2,000 square feet  single-family home with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.


Scan time can vary based on (1) the complexity of the property and (2) your intended use of the 3D space. Both of these factors influence how many scans you should take, which in turn means how long you spend on-site.


For example, heavily occluded spaces like MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) rooms require more dense scanning to gather lots of 3D data. Wide open commercial real estate spaces like an empty factory take less scans, but have their own unique set of problems.


Are you licensed and insured for commercial drone work?



All our pilots are licensed by the FAA (Part 107 Certified) and meet each states local requirement such as; the North Carolina Department of Transportation license. And we carry full liability insurance. Protecting our clients is the #1 priority.


What are the benefits of a twilight shoot?

We have found three major benefits of twilight shots:

  1. The listing stands out. Amongst all the nice daytime shots of homes online, the twilight shots grab a viewers atttention.

  2. They make the home look more elegant and glamorous.

  3. They help complete the vision of living in the home, from day to evening. And enhance any exterior features the home may have such as; uplighting and landscape lighting.


What if I really want a twilight shot but it doesn't fit my schedule and/ or budget?

We have a wonderful option for any number of cercumstances preventing a twilight shoot. We call it our virtual twilight shot. We take the shot (or a couple) that we composed from our traditional shoot and photoshop it to appear as though we photographed it durring twilight.


What are the benefits of a listing website?

  1. It adds a professional touch to your listings presentation, allowing you to bring all the materials and information of the property together in one central location.

  2. It is dynamic as you are able to link it to email campaigns, post on social media and input into MLS under virtual tour.

  3. They give you the ability to track more data. 

  4. And they make a great showpiece to help you win future listings!


What is the process for virtual staging?

We photograph the home in the same manner as a traditional shoot, then deliver the photos to you. From there you can choose the photos you wish for us to stage. You can also direct us on the styling,  ie. contemporary, mid-modern, traditional, etc.

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