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Our Vision

There are many companies that do what we do. They share the same what and where, but our clients choose us for our who, why and how. We are creative-techies, set out to keep real estate and architectural marketing modern and engaging. By providing you the best technology and team on the market.

Our Journey 

Founded by Brittany and Stephanie Dolloff in 2015, Wicked Awesome 3D began with a passion for escalating real estate marketing and simplifying the process for our clients. As a commercial photography firm, our mission is to serve the North Carolina and New England markets with truly world-class images and service.

With over 40 year in the real estate industry we are one of the most experienced real estate marketing groups in the region with knowledge that spans all facets of the industry. Our photographers are formally and professional trained, holding at minimum a baccalaureate degree in fine arts. We are fully licensed and insured, to protect your business. You can rest easy knowing we will market your properties with the lates technology and highest level of quality and service. 





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